Reasons Why a Tree Bleeds Sap and What Is Its Implication

Similar to our body’s veins, the vascular systems of a tree carries sap—a sugary liquid that’s packed with nutrients and water, which are transmitted all over the tree with the help of xylem and phloem. Xylem transports nutrients upwards from the roots, while phloem transmits the nutrients mainly on the leaves to some portions of a plant.

The sap is made in the tree’s needles or leaves and is circulated all over the tree via the phloem that vertically runs from the tree’s top to bottom. Once you cut a branch or trunk of a tree, the cut restricts some of the phloem, which allows the sap to bleed out.

The tree’s sap amount differs on the season. In other types, the levels of sap are particularly boosted during early spring. Once you make trimming cuts at that moment, the tree may ooze out some sap. Though there isn’t too much problem with this, it would be great to prevent doing it instead for you to avoid issues to emerge such as tree decline and gummosis.

Best time to prune or trim

Pruning at the ideal time for a specific type of tree is the greatest means of controlling oozing sap. Generally, this indicates that you should prune deciduous trees, which are susceptible to oozing after they have totally developed their leaves during early summer or late spring.

If the cut bleeds after pruning, you just have to leave it alone. Never cover or paint the cut. You can only do that if you have a bleeding oak or elm tree. These species are extremely prone to oak wilt and Dutch elm diseases, respectively.

Based on the claims of the US Forest Service, putting pruning paint is beneficial in stopping those types of diseases. For example, applying paint to the pruned area od a Dutch elm will help stop elm bark beetles from being enticed to the tree. This is extremely a vital procedure to keep your trees healthy.

Bleeding sap tree types

The moment you own the trees below, there is a big possibility that they will ooze sap once they are pruned. To prevent this, guarantee to research the appropriate method and the right time to prune every tree to try cutting it for the first time.

  • Walnut (Juglans)
  • Poplar (Populus)
  • Mulberry (Morus)
  • Maple (Acer)
  • Linden (Tilia)
  • Grape (Vitis)
  • Elm (Ulmus)
  • Birch (Betula)
  • Beech (Fagus)

How to make use of tree sap?

A bleeding sap does not only mean that it’s damaging. There are instances when we could make use of tree sap for good. One of the greatest instances is once the sap is accumulated from the maple trees annually that could be done by tapping the sugar maple’s trunk. The accumulated sap could take up to 50 gallons to have 1 maple syrup gallon. Moreover, the birch tree’s sap could be utilized to create homemade beverages—birch beer, birch mead, birch wine—and syrups.

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What to Expect from Tow Truck Drivers

If there’s any type of accident on the road that leads to vehicles getting severely damaged or generally unusable, tow truck drivers are expected to be among the first people who should arrive on the scene. They are included in the team of first responders, along with ambulance crew and police officers.

Aside from being prompt, tow truck drivers must also have a high regard for safety. They should use the necessary safety equipment to ensure the efficient towing of the vehicle. They should also wear safety gear to make them more visible at an accident scene.

Personal Protection Gear and Equipment

All tow truck drivers should wear everything required by the Federal Highway Administration. This is mandated for all roadway and emergency personnel working on a federal highway. They have to wear yellow, green, or orange fluorescent safety vest that complies with the standards of the American National Standards Institute. Preferably, they should wear the Class 3 vest type, which offers the highest level of visibility.

Aside from vests, the tow truck drivers should also wear helmets with the same reflective qualities used in the vest. For additional protection, they may wear gloves as well.

For Safety on the Scene

A tow truck driver should be aware of any activity in the area, especially near his truck and when he approaches the disabled vehicle. The emergency lights should be on and he must check for other cars approaching the accident zone or the disabled vehicle. These and a whole lot other safety procedures when handling the vehicle should be observed. Well-experienced tow truck drivers would know exactly what to do.

But more importantly, these drivers should be duly licensed and insured. Personally, they should have several years of experience in the field. Being a tow truck driver is not really an easy task. A lot of people need proper training before they are allowed to drive these trucks.

Weight and Loading Considerations

Tow truck drivers are only allowed to haul a certain weight. It’s necessary to first determine the GVWR or gross vehicle weight rating before doing anything. The light-duty towing trucks can haul up to 10,000 pounds of weight. Medium-duty tow trucks can haul in the range of 26,000 pounds. Heavy-duty haulers can tow vehicles with weights exceeding 26,000 pounds. As the car owner, you should determine the gross weight of your vehicle so you’ll know if the tow truck that arrived can handle it properly and safely.

Aside from the weight ratings, tow truck drivers should also make sure that winches and cables used will match the requirements of the vehicle being towed. They should also inspect everything well to make sure that they’re in good working order prior to the haul, especially all splices and connectors that will be used, as they will fasten the tow wire and hitching devices to the truck.

On Choosing Tow Companies

If you want to get access to the best Bakersfield tow trucks, then it is important that you find the most reputable tow company in the area. By being served by these companies, you can be sure that you’re getting the results that you expect.