Why Do Trees Need to Be Pruned?

Pruning is a part of a tree’s regular maintenance. Don’t ever think that you only need to prune your tree if you run into a problem with it, like if the branches are reaching the power lines or if they’re too low they’re distracting your views. Tree pruning is a task that has to be done on a daily basis.

In fact, gardeners spend many hours pruning their trees. They do so to control their size and shape. But that’s not all it does to a tree. Regular pruning also maintains its health and ensures that the tree grows big, strong, and productive.

Why Prune a Tree

Trees are pruned for all the reasons listed above. Additionally, they are pruned for their own protection. Regular pruning allows trees to prevent diseases and pests. Both tend to penetrate trees through dead branches and deadwood. If two branches rub against each other, then a wound may form and that can also be used as an entry point.

Pruning the problem branches, tips, stems, and limbs allows the tree to grow beautifully. It also encourages the production of fruits and flowers. The best way to get this tree service is to hire the best Carroll tree pruning expert.

How to Prune Trees Right

The best way to prune trees is to hire tree trimming experts to do the job. However, a lot of homeowners can’t resist doing the job as they think that it’s a rather simple job. It is indeed a simple job, for as long as you know what you’re doing.

The right way to prune a tree is to cut it beyond the bud and at an angle. Cutting the limb too close to the bud will cause it to dry out and that’s not going to be helpful at all. But then, be careful not to cut it too far from the bud or the stub will most likely die, thus allowing an entry point to pests and diseases.

All dead wood has to be pruned in order to prevent the onset of disease. Inspect the tree for dead and broken branches because they have to be removed. The same is true for branches rubbing together. Some stems may also have to be removed to encourage new growth.

When to Prune Trees

Trees are best pruned during their dormant period, which is usually early spring or late winter. These are the times when the tree is not growing and it’s easy to see the problem with the branches. Also, this is the time when there’s the least possibility of pests and diseases. Note that pruning also opens up the tree so the cut you made can be used as an entry point as well. The only difference is that properly pruned trees heal faster.

Hire professionals to get the job done so you don’t have to worry whether or not you did the thing right. There’s more to pruning than just cutting trees. Again, it has to be done right in order to achieve the best possible effects.