Why Do You Need to Learn Ving Tsun?

The benefits that martial arts, in general, provide are known by everyone, either inside or outside practitioners. In fact, many articles in journals have elaborated on the physical and mental health benefits that these sports provide. Ving Tsun, also known as Wing Chun (as it is pronounced), is one particular martial art that also offers several benefits to anyone’s body and mind.  

A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine shows that Ving Tsun provides more robust cardio training and workout than Tai Chi. In addition to this, one study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that seniors who have undergone martial arts training develop muscle endurance, reduced fats, and leaner body structure.  


Surely, the benefits you obtain weigh more greatly than the risks and pain you experience in the training. The following are the reasons why do you need to learn Washington Ving Tsun martial arts 


  1. It makes you fit

Because Ving Tsun requires rigorous training that involves physical movement, this sport effectively burns calories, cholesterol, and fats that result in leaner and fitter body. Of course, the amount of weight you lose depends on the intensity of training you do, as well as the consistency of this training in a longer duration.  


  1. It develops better coordination

In Ving Tsun training, you will be required to be trained to use fine motor skills to be able to fight, which involves all parts of the body, left and right sides, from hands to feet. It takes a lot of coordination to be able to execute defensive and offensive attacks simultaneously.  


  1. It improves your strength and speed

The training itself enhances muscle and bone mass that results in strength and power, as well as tolerance to pain. This is important especially when you defend yourself from the opponent’s attacks. Likewise, the training teaches you of speed, which is very prominent in martial arts especially Ving Tsun. The speed is crucial to power, as the more blows you give, and the quicker you defend, the better the results are.  


  1. It helps you overcome fear

The ability to risk, being trained, being punished, and to fight in a sparring is a necessity that all martial arts require. You are trained to fight, and not just block attacks. This is why martial artists are humbly confident about their fighting skills because they have been consistently readied to any danger that comes their way. 


  1. It helps develop more focus

Training requires discipline and consistency, and these two necessitate focus, for without focus, a martial artist will not be able to learn, develop and master a skill. The ability to observe your opponent’s attacks and dodge every blow is developed through focus and concentration.  



It is not just Ving Tsun, but martial arts as a whole will give you many benefits over time. It is more than just the ability to fight, but it Is more on the discipline form that you obtain that will develop your overall being.